Step 01 – Download KaKaoTalk App








iPhone , Go to App Store and search “Kakaotalk” or click

Andriod , Go to Google Play Store and search “Kakaotalk” or click

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Invite Friend To Kakao Talk Step 1 ( Create User ID : Skip this step if you have already done this )

Invite Friend To Kakao Talk Step 2 ( Be friends on KaKao Talk and add invite new member into the chat) 

Step 2 – How To Invite?

Before you invite any friends, kindly read the DO NOT DO list

    • DO NOT DO:
      • DO NOT share about the products and how good it is to your friends out of the blue because they will suspect you’re trying to sell them something and they can smell a DIRECT SELLING business under your nose. (People experience it many times…including me)
      • DO NOT share about the business opportunity or talk about Jeunesse unless you know the product well  enough, and are familiar with the company,it’s compensation plan and have personally experienced or benefited from the goodness of the products.


  • Many people have bad experience with many Direct Selling Companies like:
    • Companies that sell fake products
    • Companies that closed down after all the efforts put in by the distributors
    • Companies with Distributors that FORCE people to commit a BIG SUM for products that don’t need! (STOCK UP!)
    • Companies with Distributors that FORCE people to UNKNOWINGLY CHARGE BIG SUMS to CREDIT CARD every month for products they can’t even finish consuming.
    • Companies with Compensation PLAN that is GREED DRIVEN instead of TEAM WORK DRIVEN.

    Remember that you are in Jeunesse because we have GREAT PRODUCTS that can help IMPROVE OUR LOVED ONES LIVES and might even SAVE THEIR LIVES while at the same time providing them a GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY to build a business where they can have HEALTH, WEALTH AND FREEDOM.

    Jeunesse WORKS because of the:

    • Genuineness and Sincerity of the people in the company
    • A Group of CREDIBLE and WELL KNOWN doctors who are at the FOREFRONT of the ANTI AGING MEDICAL Field.
    • Products by these Doctors that WORKS and priced ECONOMICALLY!
    • A Proven Compensation Plan that Promotes Team Effort rather than Just Individual
    • A Proven Training Franchise System in WIN TEAM

    ULTIMATE AIM OF INVITE: Is to Create Curiosity to find out more…Do Not share the any products or business over the phone

Step 3a – How to invite your friends to come for 5 Rule Wealth Talk

  • Do you have friends who are COMPLAINING about their JOB or WORK?
    • <Friend Name>, I’m going to attend a training by a Successful Young Entrepreneur who transacted from than 70 Mil in Properties in 1 yr, owns 5 high-end retail and a training company. He is teaching a System on How to Create Part-Time Bulletproof 6 Figure Businesses in Any Market. Are you interested to attend?(optional: It’s FREE! Heard there’s no selling of course and it’s a sharing and networking session)
  • Do you have friends who have Health Challenges?
    • (if your friends or their loved ones has Diabetes, Cancer, Gout, etc)<Friend Name>, There is health talk that features some famous doctors around the world that might have some solution for your Health Challenge (Diabetes, Cancer, Eczema..etc).
  • Do you have friends who are using More Expensive SKIN CARE RANGE that do not produce results that Luminesce can produce? (eg. Estee Lauder, Chanel, Biotherm, SKII / SK2, NUSKIN etc?
    • Hey <Friend Name>, I found a skin care range that works better than BRAND (whatever your friend is using) and cheaper, developed by a Famous US Doctor using STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY.


  • This is the most powerful approach and makes your friend feel good about themselves?
    • Hey <Friend Name>, I am exploring a business with a few doctors on Stem Cell technology and I want your second opinion to see if this business will work. Can you help me see if the business might have a big potential…are you free on…..? (When you make your friend feel good about themselves, they are more open to meeting up…If i call you to ask for your advice, would you meet up to help me?)

Step 3b – How to invite your friends to meet up with you personally to share about the business

Version 1 – Working with Dr Nathan Newman

Hi <friend name>,

I am currently working with this doctor and I am looking for a business partner to enter this billion dollar industry with me. Do you know of any person who may be interested in this technology?

Watch these 2 videos

Thank you

Step 3 – Set Up Autoship In Order To Keep Your Points

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Step 4 – The key ingredient to succeed in our business is DUPLICATION

Plug them into the system

Bring them to the Opportunity Plan Presentation (OPP) and leverage on the events.

Leaders create Leaders. We need a team of great Leaders.

Kindly disseminate the information to all your newly sign up members immediately after they joined you .